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"Life is like a box of chocolates,
You never know what you're gonna get!" Forest Gump
American Humane
1400 16th Street NW, Suite 360
Washington, DC 20036
(800) 227-4645

The mission of the American Humane Association, as a network of individuals and organizations, is to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children and animals and to assure that their interests and well-being are fully, effectively, and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring society. American Humane envisions a nation where no child or animal will ever be a victim of willful abuse or neglect. As a recognized leader in professional education, training and advocacy, research and evaluation, American Humane joins with other similarly missioned individuals and organizations to make this vision a reality.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
424 E. 92nd Street
New York, NY 10128-6804
(212) 876-7700

Founded in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was the first humane organization established in the Western Hemisphere. The ASPCA's mission is to provide an effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides national leadership in humane education, government affairs and public policy, shelter support, and animal poison control

American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 North Meacham Road - Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 925-8070

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 72,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. Structured to work for its members, the AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession. The objective of the Association is to advance the science and art of veterinary medicine, including its relationship to public health, biological science, and agriculture. The Association provides a forum for the discussion of issues of importance to the veterinary profession, and for the development of official positions. The Association is the authorized voice for the profession in presenting its views to government, academia, agriculture, pet owners, the media, and other concerned publics

Animal Welfare Institute
P.O. Box 3650
Washington, DC 20027
(703) 836-4300

Since its founding in 1951 the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has sought to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by people. In the organization’s early years Their particular emphasis was on the desperate needs of animals used for experimentation. In the decades that followed they expanded the scope of their work to address many other areas of animal suffering. Today one of their greatest areas of emphasis is cruel animal factories, which raise and slaughter pigs, cows, chickens and other animals. The biggest are in our country, and they are expanding worldwide. Another major AWI effort is their quest to end the torture inflicted on furbearing animals by steel jaw leghold traps and wire snares. AWI continues its work to protect animals in laboratories including promotion of development of non-animal testing methods and prevention of painful experiments on animals by high school students. Representatives of AWI regularly attend meetings of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora to fight for protection of threatened and endangered species. Similarly, they attend meetings of the International Whaling Commission to preserve the ban on commercial whaling and they work to protect all cetaceans against the US Navy’s dangerous Low Frequency Active Sonar. AWI works to minimize the impacts of all human actions detrimental to endangered species, including the destruction of natural forests containing ancient trees, and pollution of the oceans destroying every kind of marine life

Boot to the Head

Boot to the Head is a creation of The Frantics. THE FRANTICS-Paul Chato, Rick Green, Dan Redican and Peter Wildman-got together in a Toronto comedy club in 1979. From 1980 to 1985 they had their own weekly program of comedy sketches and songs heard across Canada on CBC Radio. They took their act to CBC-TV in 1986 (a few of their TV episodes were shown in the USA on Showtime) and recorded their only commercial album in 1987 before splitting. They did the best sketch comedy on recordsd since Monty Python, and "Ti Kwan Leep/Boot To The Head" is a special favorite.

Doris Day Animal League
227 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 546-1761

Doris Day Animal League is a nonprofit, national, citizen's lobbying organization working to improve the humane treatment of animals. They work with the U.S. Congress, government agencies, and state and local officials, to pass laws and enforce existing laws that reduce the suffering of animals anywhere they are mistreated. Numerous states and cities have benefited from their assistance in drafting legislation, organizing support and actual lobbying.

Empowerment Zone

The homepage of Jamal Mazrui; this site offers information, ideas, and software related to HIS interests and the theme of empowerment -- helping individuals and communities achieve self actualization and full citizenship.

Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 452-1100

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization representing more than 9 million members and constituents. The non-profit organization is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals and equine protection, disaster preparedness and response, wildlife and habitat protection, animals in research and farm animal welfare. The HSUS protects all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy, and field work. The group is based in Washington and has numerous field representatives across the country.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)
38691 Filly Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
(586) 826-3938

IAADP is a non profit organization that was launched in 1993 at the joint Delta Society and Assistance Dogs International Conference. A historic meeting took place between consumer representatives from many states partnered with guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs. The outcome was an unanimous vote to establish an independent cross disability consumer organization that could represent all Assistance Dog Partners (not just one faction) and advance consumer interests in the assistance dog field.

IAADP's mission

  1. provide assistance dog partners with a voice in the assistance dog field
  2. enable those partnered with guide dogs,hearing dogs and service dogs to work together on issues of mutual concern
  3. foster disabled person / assistance dog partnerships.
Lands' End, Inc.
Lands' End Lane
Dodgeville, WI 53595
(800) 963-4816

Lands' End is a direct merchant of traditionally styled clothing for the family, soft luggage, and products for the home. They offer products through their catalogs, on the Internet and in their Inlet stores. Their goal is to please their customers with the highest levels of quality and service in the industry, along with an unequivocal ironclad guarantee.

PC Connection, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
450 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431
(888) 213-0259

PC Connection, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading direct marketer of business computing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses, educational and government institutions, medium-to-large corporate accounts, and consumers. They offer a broad selection of more than 100,000 brand name products at competitive prices, in conjunction with award-winning service and support that has enabled them to establish a large and loyal customer base. Headquartered in New Hampshire, PC Connection has been providing computer products, advice, and information to millions of customers for more than two decades. During this time, they've continually been recognized for their commitment to service, one of the company's founding and guiding principles. Today, they serve their customers through their staff of highly trained account managers, their Web sites, and specialized IT product catalogs.

PetSmart Charities, Inc.
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(800) 423-7387

PetSmart Charities creates and supports programs that save the lives of homeless pets, raises awareness of companion animal welfare issues, and promotes healthy relationships between people and pets. Since 1994, PetSmart Charities, an independent 501(c)3 organization, has donated more than $39 million to animal welfare programs and, through its in-store adoption programs, has saved the lives of more than two million pets.


Do you love pets and animals? If so, you'll want to read these touching and poignant stories on how animals impact our lives — not only because of the fun and companionship they offer, but for the lessons they teach us as well.

S&J's Great Deals
2892 Prairie Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43035
(800) 318-2563

S&J's Great Deals — for really great deals in stereo speakers, home audio systems, home theaters and so much more. Give them a chance to be your home and car audio store. If you find a lower price anywhere else, email them with the information and they will do their best to meet any competitors price.

Credentialing and advanced degree information for beginning teachers, experienced teachers and administrators. They are collecting a comprehensive list of information for all educators looking to advance their careers in elementary, secondary, early childhood education, special education and administration.

United Animal Nations
P.O. BOX 188890
(916) 429-2457

United Animal Nations was founded in 1987 by a small group of humane movement workers with more than 120 years of aggregate experience, who wanted to save forgotten animals.

  • those left behind during disasters because people shelters wouldn't take them in;
  • those whose low or no-income guardians couldn't afford lifesaving veterinary care for them;
  • those rescued by grassroots groups or individuals doing good work in their communities with not enough support;
  • mares and their foals abused and slaughtered for the cruel manufacture of the drug Premarin; and
  • those killed for human entertainment such as in pigeon shoots, dog fights and cockfights.